Guided surgery is changing the way implant dentistry is conducted. At it’s best it can allow much more accurate and consistent placement of implants, even if you are very experienced. This has many obvious benefits, including the possibility to do flapless procedures, which offers significant advantage to the patient.

However, not all guided surgery is the same and neither is it always appropriate. There are many systems available, often specific to an implant manufacturer, and many ways to use them, see some examples.

AT IGP we aim to help you understand what works best where and when with many different types of guide. You can’t afford to ignore guided surgery but an understanding will allow you to offer your patients the best possible treatment every time. By offering many types of guide with many softwares and implant manufacturers we can maximise your choice and give the best assistance.
Guided surgery need not be expensive with guides starting from £85* with a guide print only service starting at £55, so it becomes affordable for all cases.

*Basic print cost of a resin guide. If required, sleeves, planning, and any software costs are extra


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From only £85