Blue Sky Plan

Blue Sky Plan is a planning treatment software released by Blue Sky Bio. Used in over 90 counties and available in eight languages.

The software is free to download and has a self-processing functionality that allows the user to upload both CT scans and STL files. The user may complete the whole process from aligning the STL and CT, planning the implants right through to designing the guide itself. The surgical plan can then be exported to print to ImplanGuidePrint a certified BSP laboratory.


SMOP is a very intuitive planning software, giving a precise 3D overview with an array of added features and tools. SMOP has been used to plan nearly 100,000 surgical guides across the globe. One of the major advantages of this precise planning software is the ability to be able to access your account from multiple PCs anywhere in the world that have SMOP installed. This allows the user to share cases with friends and colleagues or service providers such as ourselves for advice and guidance.

See SMOP in action

Watch our video overview of Swissmeda’s SMOP planning software and guide production.