Teach Yourself

Blue Sky Plan

Blue Sky Plan is designed to allow the user an autodidactic approach. A comprehensive library of tutorial videos is available through YouTube. These may be accessed by selecting the ‘Help’ tab once the planning software is open. The tutorials include full planning process start-finish along with individual more complex process steps for the advanced user. A user manual .PDF may also be accessed from the Help option in the software.


It is possible to teach yourself to use SMOP using the User Guide PDF available on the help option of the software. Access to a SMOP account is required to enable viewing or downloading of the PDF. Using the manual in conjunction with the prompts that appear in the planning software, should enable the user to acquire the basic skill set. It is in our opinion possible to master the majority of the planning functions in this manner through trial and error.

There are very few video tutorials available for this planning software, but none endorsed by Swissmeda themselves.

We are able to offer online one to one training, please contact us to discuss this option. We also run SMOP training course.